Want an idea to succeed ?
This workshop "The Power of meaningfully unique" is for you if you have ideas and:

- don't know which to develop
-want to reduce risk 
-need to convince an investor you've validated your idea.

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Helen will explain what Innovation Engineering is and how, at its heart, is the notion of Meaningfully Unique ™. 

Helen will explain the power of Meaningfully Unique ™and how it can be measured to understand the probability of success of an idea. This is an interactive half-day workshop where Participants will get to practise measurement and so leave with a deep understanding of a tool that they can go on to use to validate their own ideas. 

A half day workshop that delivers practical tools for communicating and measuring the probability of success of your idea.

Your idea captured in a proven communication framework
The ability to measure the probability of success quickly and at low cost.

Once you know proven, data-driven techniques for both communicating your idea and measuring the potential for success, you turn innovation from a random gamble to a reliable system. If you have lots of ideas, but don’t know where to focus, this workshop is for you.

Innovation Engineering defines innovation in two words: Meaningfully Unique™. When a product, service, work system or job candidate is Meaningfully Unique™ customers are willing to invest their time, energy and money. This definition is validated by data. In this workshop you will learn how to communicate your idea so that is impossible to misunderstand and measure the potential for success of your idea.


To prepare and deliver a workshop for up to 12 people will cost £147 per person + VAT
It is also possible, depending on availability, to arrange the training on a 1 to 1 basis for £297 + Expenses + VAT
Here's what people thought of The Power of Meaningfully Unique Workshop
Helen has been an outstanding supporter of the Perth Creative Accelerator Programme. Her ability to connect with creative entrepreneurs, educate and inspire them is fantastic. Helen has first class communication and presentation skills and I have witnessed her educate, inspire and encourage and a room full of entrepreneurs.
Her technique and approach to innovation is fascinating yet easy to understand and follow. Whilst innovation can be a scary word for some, Helen helps individuals to understand the true meaning of innovation and identify whether their product/service is ‘meaningfully unique’ to customers.
I would 100% happily recommend Helen for both 1 to many workshop support as well as 1:1 business advice.
Caryn Gibson, Team Leader for Growth, Elevator UK
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