Helen Potter
CEO & CoFounder
Potter Innovation teach a validated system for creating and developing ideas with less risk, faster speed and greater success. This scientifically proven framework is called Innovation Engineering and it transforms mindset enabling everyone to work smarter and more creatively to develop more profitable products, services and internal work systems. It's grounded in academic theory and validated in real world practice. Over 35,000 people have been educated and over $75 billion of innovations are in active development, mainly in North America.
It is so reliable we GUARANTEE that you will learn how to innovate.

As licensees of The Innovation Engineering Network, Potter Innovation are proud to bring Innovation Engineering (IE) to Europe. 
    -Innovation Engineering is a complete set of systems that show you HOW to           innovate from idea to reality.
    -Anyone willing can learn HOW to innovate, thanks to our Patent-Pending               learning system called Cycles to Mastery™ .
    -The tools are practical and enable speed to market to increase by 6x and risk         to reduce by up to 80%.
    -It is proven, data-driven and based on the system thinking of Dr W Edwards         Deming.
    -It is a new form of academic study and Management Science, taught in over 20       University campuses in the US.
    -Learning and experiencing IE builds resilience and the ability to deal with             change as well as enabling innovation to happen.
So if you want to turn innovation from a random gamble to a reliable system, please get in touch. We can provide advice and Innovation Training for anyone at any stage of their innovation journey, be that 1:1 or in workshop format. Some of the packages we offer can be found at the top of the page and/or take a look at this video below to learn about the Fundamentals of Innovation Engineering.
 Registered Office: 
Bruce House, 1 Culteuchar Bank, Ardargie, Perth, Scotland PH2 9QR

Member & Licensee of the Innovation Engineering Network  
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