Want to Drive Eureka ?
First, get a Free no obligation innovation Culture Survey to see if Innovation Engineering can work for your Team
If you know you want to embed innovation capability into your team then here's how our drive eureka! workshop can help you.
STEP 1 - you have the option to run our Free Survey to understand the barriers and drivers for innovation in your team/organisation.

STEP 2 - A full day workshop for leadership teams who want to know how to embed innovation capability into their organisation.
In the first half, a highly interactive workshop enables participants to experience some of the tools that could enable their teams to create, communicate and commercialise big ideas for new products, services or internal work systems faster and with less risk.

In the afternoon, the focus switches to the role of the leader and how to build innovation into a business plan to drive innovation success. 

Participants will get to practice the Strategy Activation System. This ensures the innovation effort is focussed in an area that is both important and possibly urgent for the business. The odds of innovation success are enhanced when innovation is hard-wired to the business plan in this way. 
They will learn how to write a motivating, clear mission that drives alignment through their organisation, such that employees can have the freedom (within a framework) to create ideas that will pull the organisation in the desired direction.

Learning Outcomes:

• An understanding of a total system for innovation
• A powerful, quantifiable definition for innovation
• An overview of how to create 8x more big ideas than brainstorming
• An overview of how to increase the persuasive power of ideas by up to 5X
• An overview of how to commercialise ideas and deliver results up to 6X faster 
• How to use stimulus to inspire great strategy
• How to create an action-orientated innovation plan
• How to write an innovation project mission that will inspire great ideas.

Workshop Style

The workshop comprises short presentations followed by fast-paced group exercises to practice the innovation tools. Most importantly delegates will be encouraged to relate the concepts to their own situation and organisation. Each delegate will write two strategic innovation missions, one short term, one long term that are relevant to their business. Feedback will be sort as part of a final reflection, on what delegates have learned and what they would like to see happen next.


To prepare and deliver this workshop will cost £3000+Expenses+VAT
Here's what people thought of their Drive Eureka! Workshop
I hired Helen for a Strategy Day (Drive Eureka!) with my management team. Our taxi business needs to change if it is to survive. Customer expectation and technology are revolutionising the taxi business. We needed to align on an innovation plan to adapt and grow our business as the world of on-demand transport moves forward at pace.
The outcome of the day was exactly what I’d hoped for and very positive for all involved.

We had a fascinating morning learning about how to lead innovation. We then went through a number of exercises, prompted by stimulus and research, to think deeply about where we should focus our innovation effort. Each member of the team was able to participate fully and to have their say, thanks to the “blue card” tool. This tool enabled us to work individually, before being brought together by Helen to find common ground.

Despite some diversity of opinion in the team we were able to align on our mission for innovation. We enjoyed Helen’s upbeat facilitation and benefitted from her expertise in innovation systems. We now have clarity on the way forward for our business. 
Tony Kenmuir, Chair Radio Cabs, Edinburgh
I asked Helen to lead a Drive Eureka! workshop for my business partner and I to discuss some key business challenges we have and to help us drive them forwards to at least a "go v no go" point. 

In particular, there was a major Project that I felt was an important opportunity for us.
Once we looked at several ideas to make the project come to fruition and did a Maths Game Plan on each of them it became clear that the Project was not worth pursuing and so we were able to stop it by focusing on data rather than opinion.

We had been distracted for months thinking about the opportunity and the workshop crystallised in our minds that the prize was not as attractive as we had hoped for or expected. Sometimes it is powerful to know and understand what to focus on as well as what not to focus on.

We could not have reached that decision so quickly without the Tools and Training of Helen Potter & Innovation Engineering.

Using this approach saved us months of time and effort and has enabled us to focus on what is important to our business. It quickly brought clarity to a complex problem. It was a Eureka moment!
David Robertson, Founding Partner, Rare Whisky 101
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